Building resilience to climate change through Cultural Heritage and Urban Arts

ClimAID is an innovative European project that combines cultural heritage, climate change, and urban art activities. The project aims to promote the use of cultural heritage practices as a means of addressing climate change through arts and technologies.

Key agents


Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

BoaMistura, Spain

Universidade Lusófona, Portugal

Gruppo Archeologico, Italy

Municipality of IOS, Greece

Centre Dot, Cyprus

The project

Project Summary

ClimAID is an innovative project idea combining cultural heritage, climate change and Urban Art activities. The idea relies on the promotion of cultural heritage practices in tackling climate change, through arts and technologies. Climate change, according to literature, is an evolving process affecting societies and cultures that constantly had to find solutions to adjust their living according to the new environmental realities. 

The impact of climate change on history and culture are often represented in climate policy and research.  However, a new trend on research is arising with the reversed objective. How Cultural heritage can provide an insight of methods and good practices to manage climate changes? In order to give answers to the aforementioned, the project adapts a research methodology to identify cultural heritage best practices across Europe and then promote them through digital education and urban art. The project will create a toolbox of best practices, which will be integrated into an open resource platform. The platform will allow users to experience the full implementation of these practices in a 3D environment. 

The participation of well-known universities and major cultural actors in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus will ensure the sustainability of the results by developing an e-learning course especially designed to provide knowledge on the impact of Heritage and Urban Arts to mitigate Climate Change for the needs of Universities, Archaeological sites, tourist guides, cultural centers, museums, municipalities etc. 

Project’s activities will be embraced by an Urban art campaign with national street festivals, implementing real wall murals, act performances, music & dance contributions in several cities of project countries. The project aspires to reach out more than 2000 youth, potential beneficiaries and cultural actors due to the large scale campaign and to high impact results.


Main objetive

To explore how cultural heritage can offer insights into methods and best practices for effectively managing the impacts of climate change.

Main Secondary Objectives


To conduct a comprehensive analysis of cultural heritage best practices spanning across Europe, aiming to identify key strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation within the context of cultural heritage preservation.


To develop a multifaceted approach for promoting cultural heritage best practices pertinent to climate change across Europe, integrating digital education platforms and urban art initiatives to enhance awareness, understanding, and implementation of sustainable practices.